You can disable these logs by setting *debug_filter* to 0, looks like:

CONFIG proxy.config.allocator.debug_filter INT 0

On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 8:37 AM, Davi Loperz <> wrote:
The significance of these data displayed in traffic.out after activating reclaimable freelist

[2b34c85108a0:27][][F] 668.01M t:333     f:8    m:8    avg:6.5    M:325  csbase:128  csize:134  tsize:640    cbsize:86016
[2b34c85108a0:27][][-] 668.01M t:327     f:2    m:8    avg:6.5    M:325  csbase:128  csize:134  tsize:640    cbsize:86016
[2b34c994d700:02][][F] 668.02M t:152     f:0    m:0    avg:0.0    M:152  csbase:128  csize:152  tsize:80     cbsize:12288
[2b34c994d700:02][][-] 668.02M t:152     f:0    m:0    avg:0.0    M:152  csbase:128  csize:152  tsize:80     cbsize:12288
[2b34c85108a0:19][][F] 668.27M t:4       f:3    m:2    avg:2.0    M:1    csbase:2    csize:2    tsize:17040  cbsize:36864
[2b34c85108a0:19][][-] 668.27M t:3       f:2    m:2    avg:2.0    M:1    csbase:2    csize:2    tsize:17040  cbsize:36864
[2b34c85108a0:33][][F] 668.27M t:550     f:13   m:13   avg:11.2   M:537  csbase:64   csize:64   tsize:4096   cbsize:266240
[2b34c85108a0:33][][-] 668.27M t:539     f:2    m:13   avg:11.2   M:537  csbase:64   csize:64   tsize:4096   cbsize:266240
[2b34c9549700:35][][F] 668.52M t:282     f:20   m:17   avg:17.0   M:262  csbase:32   csize:32   tsize:16384  cbsize:528384
[2b34c9549700:35][][-] 668.52M t:265     f:3    m:17   avg:17.0   M:262  csbase:32   csize:32   tsize:16384  cbsize:528384


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