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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Re: set share_server_sessions as 1 is ok?
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2013 14:54:14 GMT
On 4/16/13 2:41 AM, 오재경 wrote:
> sorry. i forgot to write the title..
> hi everyone.
> I made a plugin. it calls TSHttpConnect and download a contents when it 
> meets a range request. as you know, ats doesn't cache partial request. 
> that's why i made the plugin to trigger full download for a range request.
> proxy.config.http.share_server_sessions makes a problem. default value is 
> 2 and ATS always crash when the plugin trigger download.
> but with 1, ATS works fine with my plugin.
> i digged the source what happens when i call TSHttpConnect.
> if i set share_server_sessions 2 _acquire_session is called with ethread 
> parameter. if 1 _acquire_session is called with global bucket.
> my question is it ok if i set share_server_sessions 1 instead of 
> default value 2 ?

Well, 1 certainly works. But, this is a serious bug, can you please file a 
Jira ticket on this issue. TSHttpConnect() most certainly need to function 
no matter what you set the share_server_sessions to .

Weijin: Does this sound similar to some of the issue you had noticed 
regarding share_server_sessions=2 ? Lets try to get this fixed for v3.3.3 
(i.e. asap).


-- leif

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