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From Yongming Zhao <>
Subject Re: Reverse proxy incoming connection limit?
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2013 17:10:10 GMT
hmm, can you help us know how your testing is working? and the system status such as the threading
and CPUs data in "top"

if you really need to handle many many connections, for the OS side:
time wait in TCP,  fd & port limits, memory
for the ATS side:
connection limit, accept threads & ET_NET threads, NIC irq & CPU usage
they need your tweak and test to find out  the best for you use case

在 2013-4-18,下午11:54, 写道:

> Hello. I recently switched from someone else's apache httpd reverse proxy to trafficserver.
ATS seems very capable but I am still learning.
> Single reverse proxy. Single origin server. 
> Base system CentOS 6.4, 2 cpus, 6 Gb, 
> trafficserver 3.4, base settings except needed changes to allow https, custom logs
> ATS worked for our test with smaller loads but now with hundreds of incoming connections
some people were not connecting. netstat shows the ip of a system not connecting as TIME_WAIT.
Watching the origin server specific log, it seems most requests are being processed through
ATS constantly.
> I read ATS can handle thousands easily with one server. Is there some base OS or ATS
setting I need to allow this potential? Not ready for clustering yet.

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