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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Moving the Documentation
Date Sat, 04 May 2013 23:03:26 GMT

Hi folks,

as those of you follow the commits@ list close may have noticed
we have pushed a branch called sphinx-docs to our git repository.

The contents of which are the full trunk documentation of the admin
Guide and the SDK docs. Our intent is to move the documentation
into the source tree so we have it in *one* place, making it easier
for developers to update the documentation at the same time.

It would also mean to move away from ASF CMS system which already
took such pains to implement. There are numerous reasons for this.
The most prevalent is that we no longer wish to write and maintain
our own code to do things that existing documentation systems do
much better.

Sphinx is such a system, and even though the current state of the
docs is incomplete, after installing you can issue a simple

    make html

or, for Leif, a make epub ;) and you will build the complete
documentation tree in a nice looking, publishable format.

We'll need to take some steps to get there, so if you think that
we're going in a bad direction I encourage you to speak up *now*!

I also encourage you to provide patches or other forms of help,
if you think that what we're doing is good or worthwhile (:

Thank you,

Igor for the Apache Traffic Server Team

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