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From Ian Kinch <>
Subject Counting Request from same IP
Date Wed, 22 May 2013 03:30:21 GMT
Hi guys, how are you all? :D

I have a question about variable and memory management.

I want to store my variable which i can access the data all the time in the
lifetime of the server. As long as server is up, my variable is up as well
as the data inside. I have do some research, people said that i can store
it in the global pool, but they didn't said about how i can access or get
the global access. And here my questions,

# what is global pool?
# Is it true that i could use global pool?
# How can i keep my variable alive as long as server lifetime?

Thank you for your attention.

*Regrads, *
*Ian Febrian Reza M Yulianto*

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