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From "Adam W. Dace" <>
Subject Buffering Streaming HTTP with ATS
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 00:05:52 GMT
This email is meant to open discussions regarding this as I'm not entirely
sure ATS can even do this sort of thing.

1) Is there some way I can configure ATS to buffer streaming HTTP?  I'd
happily sacrifice 8MB of RAM(a few seconds of video) or so to make this
happen.  Disk would also work fine.

2) If not, would you guys consider this for a future feature?

I know this is sort of a "pie in the sky" type request, the only reason I
ask is I now have a parent cache that can move approx. 50MB/sec of data and
a child cache that can only accept about 1.5MB/sec of data.

It'd be really nice to leverage the parent cache to do more than simply
work around IPv4's backbone routing slowness.

Thanks In Advance,

Adam W. Dace <>

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