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From Eddie <>
Subject Re: Redirect error log
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 14:41:05 GMT
Hi  guys,

Does anyone have any idea about the problem? I just tried ATS4.01 and had the similar problem.
The url redirect request was correctly processed but the
two lines also showed up in log. (404 error followed by 301).



On Friday, November 8, 2013 1:36 PM, Eddie <> wrote:
Hi Guys,

I am seeing a lot of entries in the error log for my url redirect request. The request was
processed correctly
I could see the expected response in log as well:

              2013-11-08 18:23:37 <IP>  301 FIN

But log messages like following were printed too:

              20131108.18h23m37s RESPONSE: sent <IP> status 404 (Not Found on
Accelerator) for 'http:///'
              20131108.18h23m37s RESPONSE: sent <IP> status 301 (Redirect)
for 'http:///'

I watched my tcpdump log and did not see that the 404 error was sent out at all. I am using ATS/3.2.4
and following
is the log configuration.

CONFIG proxy.config.log.logging_enabled INT 3
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.max_secs_per_buffer INT 1
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.max_space_mb_for_logs INT 25000
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.max_space_mb_for_orphan_logs INT 25
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.max_space_mb_headroom INT 1000
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.hostname STRING localhost
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.logfile_dir STRING var/log/trafficserver
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.logfile_perm STRING rw-r--r--
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.custom_logs_enabled INT 1
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.squid_log_enabled INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.squid_log_is_ascii INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.squid_log_name STRING squid
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.squid_log_header STRING NULL
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.common_log_enabled INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.common_log_is_ascii INT 1
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.common_log_name STRING common
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.common_log_header STRING NULL
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended_log_enabled INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended_log_is_ascii INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended_log_name STRING extended
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended_log_header STRING NULL
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended2_log_enabled INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended2_log_is_ascii INT 1
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended2_log_name STRING extended2
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.extended2_log_header STRING NULL
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.separate_icp_logs INT 0
>CONFIG proxy.config.log.separate_host_logs INT 0

Is this a bug or is this a misconfiguration? Does anyone have any idea?


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