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From David Boreham <>
Subject Re: Semi Official Package Repo
Date Mon, 11 Nov 2013 13:46:39 GMT
On 11/11/2013 12:26 AM, Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote:
> Why not use the packages in official Fedora/EPEL? Do you intend to have
> much less strict policy of publishing incompatible upgrades ?

As a user of the Postgresql RPM repository, I can say that I would not 
want to pull packages from EPEL (and similar sources such as repoforge) 
onto production machines. This is due to unpleasant past experiences 
where the use of these repositories introduced broken dependencies of 
various kinds onto systems that were time consuming to diagnose and fix.

The Postgresql repository has the nice property that it gives you PG and 
only PG and nothing else you didn't expect or want.

That said, ATS is much easier to build than Postgresql. Anyone using it 
seriously in production would most likely make their own RPM. Therefore 
perhaps EPEL is ok for the tire-kicking type installs.

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