I've found that the State transition in HTTP Transaction State Diagram may be incorrect.

Per my http.* debug log,
(http) [0] State Transition: STATE_UNDEFINED -> API_READ_REQUEST_HDR
(http) [0] State Transition: API_READ_REQUEST_HDR -> HTTP_API_PRE_REMAP
(http) [0] State Transition: HTTP_API_PRE_REMAP -> HTTP_REMAP_REQUEST
(http) [0] State Transition: HTTP_REMAP_REQUEST -> HTTP_API_POST_REMAP
(http) [0] State Transition: HTTP_API_POST_REMAP -> CACHE_LOOKUP
(http) [0] State Transition: CACHE_LOOKUP -> DNS_LOOKUP

(http) [0] State Transition: DNS_LOOKUP -> API_OS_DNS
CACHE_LOOKUP is just after POST_REMAP and is ahead of DNS_LOOKUP.

But in the State Diagram, CACHE_LOOKUP is after OS_DNS_HOOK.

I'm using ats-4.0.1, it would be great if some body can correct the diagram.  :)
Many Thanks!


It would be really awesome if someone could update that.
it would be even more awesome if that update it such that it's
generated from "code", see

http://www.opsschool.org/en/latest/meta/conventions.html and
its code: https://raw.github.com/opsschool/curriculum/master/meta/conventions.rst
as an example.

I have also created a Jira issue on for this: TS-2397

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