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From Mark Harrison <>
Subject Re: Cache almost full. What next ?
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 16:30:36 GMT
> I would recommend taking the third option, just let it run. It is completely normal and
expected for the Traffic Server cache to become full. All of the deployments I know of treat
this as the normal state. Traffic Server will evict old content from the cache as needed.

A related question I have is what would be the best way to determine
if your cache misses are a consequence of otherwise fresh content
being evicted from the cache? In other words, how to determine if your
disk cache size really is too small for your workload, without having
to try increasing the size and seeing if it improves things.

Currently the only way I can think of is just to monitor cold cache
misses and make some assumptions/guesses about how much new content
your requests take up vs content that was there but has been evicted.
There appear to be metrics for cache evictions (e.g.
proxy.process.cache.gc_bytes_evacuated) but suggests that they will
never go above 0.



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