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From Frank Smith <>
Subject Odd 302 behavior
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2014 02:28:43 GMT
I am new to the Traffic Server and I could use some help because I have some odd behavior,
which could be my ignorance, or perhaps an issue.
So, I have an HTTPS server we will call reverse proxying to my application
server, which is also HTTPS.
So, I have my remap.config with:
(and I have tried both with and without this next line)
When I front this through my browsers, both Chrome and IE, I get an error about page not found
or something (these user friendly messages are hard to understand what is happening under
the hood).
When I tail the extended2.log file during my reverse proxy request, I see the GET to
with a 302 status.
However, I can pull up directly online my origin server - through
a web browser with no problem, as we are still testing this configuration - eventually we
will move the behind the proxy server.  I should note that I work on the
proxy team, and don't have much visibility to the app team - any questions I should ask of
them, would be greatly appreciated.
To isolate the problem, I logged into the Traffic server, and issued a wget to the
and I got the exact same response I get in a web browser.
So, then I wget against my gateway server -, and I get it trying
to redirect to and not finding that in the DNS, it bombs.  I have no idea
why it is trying to redirect there, and it doesn't try when I make the request directly with
a web browser or wget (on the server).
So, clearly there is a problem there, but I don't know where/how to hunt the problem down...

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