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From Mohd Akhbar <>
Subject bypassing cache in cache.config
Date Mon, 19 May 2014 07:07:59 GMT

I try to exclude some streaming site (f4f, i think its flash) from
being cache by ATS. So, i add these 3 line in cache.config. How do i
know if these site really bypass the cache ? action=never-cache action=never-cache action=never-cache

If above lines work, why is my video stop after sometime whenever i
enable the disk caching ? I'm using the default one in storage.config
(var/trafficserver 256M) and by the way log from cache says 'cache
enabled' as in diags.log

[May 19 14:34:07.272] {0x2b3b051dd8c0} STATUS: opened
[May 19 14:34:07.272] {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: updated diags config
[May 19 14:34:07.280] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: cache clustering disabled
[May 19 14:34:07.293] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: ip_allow.config
updated, reloading
[May 19 14:34:07.308] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: cache clustering disabled
[May 19 14:34:07.311] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: logging
initialized[3], logging_mode = 3
[May 19 14:34:07.365] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: traffic server running
[May 19 14:34:07.370] Server {0x2b3b051dd8c0} NOTE: cache enabled

Fyi, my ATS is using parent proxy which is a squid. I'm quite certain
this is not an issue because if i disable the disk cache in
storage.config then the streaming is fine.

Thank you.

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