I logged an issue about this last year


On 06/06/2014 4:09 AM, "Jason Strongman" <jasonstrongman2016@gmail.com> wrote:

I have a remap rule of the below.

map /www.abc.com http://www.xyz.com @plugin=conf_remap.so @pparam=proxy.config.url_remap.pristine_host_hdr=1

When the cache inspection tool generates a URL list, the list comprises of the re-mapped URL.
When I click on a URL to view details, cache inspection tool errors that the URL can't be found.
I have to modify the URL in the lookup_url URL to match the md5 that is stored in the cache key.

To generate the URL list, I believe the cache inspection tool is simply dumping the cache db, then generating a list based on the value of the stored 'GET URL'

In this case the GET URL stored is:

When the end users request:


Keep in mind the cache key is correct - md5sum(http://www.abc.com/file.txt). It's just the corresponding 'GET' url stored in the cache entry is wrong.

How do I get the traffic server to store the end user URL into the cache db? Not the re-mapped URL.