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Subject cache inspector alternative
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2014 14:20:11 GMT

I am looking for an alternate method to get the full content of cached objets as (preferably
unmapped) URLs.
The web cache inspector has its own limitation and is not efficient for large configuration
(6TB of raw cache and/or hundred millions of objects). Later it seems it will abandonned.

As suggested by Leif, see,
I wrote 2 shell scripts using a custom log. One runing via crontab adding a daily summary
of all uniq objects newly cached, a 30 days windowing is done based on the biggest TTL of
the platform. The other accepts regex and/or types of documents ("image" is "*.jpg", "*.png"...)
as input and then build a AWK script containing regex to parse the windowed summary. Each
matching URL is then passed to CURL to purge the cache.

Do you think this approach is a good one, or is there a more suitable solution to get the
valid (not expired) URLs Traffic Server stores ? I was thinking of querying Traffic Server
for non stale objects to retrieve all valid URLs stored but it can be a big IO consumer...

I took a look at the API but since I am not programming C anymore since years and C++ looks
like bizarre I can't go this way.


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