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From Otto van der Schaaf <>
Subject Re: Maximizing cache hits when dealing with gzip
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:21:34 GMT
Regrettably, the gzip plugin currently doesn't support doing what you want.
But I think it would be really nice to (add an option to) make it work like
that.  I'll have a look, but allow me a week or two to get back to you
about this.


2014-07-29 20:17 GMT+02:00 Nick Muerdter <>:

> Hi,
> For cacheable, gzippable requests, I'm trying to ensure that our origin
> servers only get hit once, regardless of whether clients request gzip or
> not. In other words, if the first client to hit an uncached resource
> accepts gzip, I want all subsequent gzipped or non-gzipped responses to
> be delivered from the cache, rather than hitting the origin server
> again.
> TrafficServer's gzip plugin does seem to support this behavior in some
> situations, but not universally. So I'm not sure if this is a bug in the
> gzip plugin, or if I've misconfigured things, or this simply isn't
> supported by the gzip plugin and Traffic Server. Any thoughts or ideas
> would be welcome.
> The main issue I'm running into is when the origin server supports
> gzipping responses itself (so it returns "Vary: Accept-Encoding"
> headers). In that case, TrafficServer wants to cache the gzipped and
> non-gzipped versions of the response separately, incurring two separate
> origin requests. If I set "remove-accept-encoding true" this almost
> solves things, except when the first request requests gzipping (the
> client sets "Accept-Encoding: gzip") and the server response contains
> "Vary: Accept-Encoding". In that case, a subsequent uncompressed request
> (omitting any "Accept-Encoding" header) still results in another hit to
> the origin server.
> And while "remove-accept-encoding true" comes closer to solving the
> issue, I'd ideally like to achieve this behavior with
> "remove-accept-encoding false", since in some cases, I'd prefer to have
> the gzipping handled by the origin server and the backend communication
> happen with gzipped responses.
> Here's an excerpt from some automated integration tests I've written to
> test all the various gzip request/response combinations I could come up
> with. This might more clearly define which situations are currently
> working and which one's aren't, but let me know if any of this still
> isn't clear:
> This was tested on Traffic Server 5.0.1. I could also abstract this part
> of our test suite into some isolated test scripts if anyone want to try
> and reproduce it.
> And for whatever it's worth, Varnish appears to behave the way I want,
> so it seems like it might be in the realm of possibilities, but Varnish
> also seems to deal with gzip quite differently (I think it always stores
> the gzipped version and un-gzips on the fly for uncompressed clients).
> I've tried various tweaks to the gzip and vary settings in Traffic
> Server, but I can't seem to get rid of these duplicate requests in some
> cases when different clients support gzip or not.
> Thanks!
> Nick

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