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From Jason Strongman <>
Subject Simultaneous Requests For Same Object
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2014 04:09:00 GMT
ATS 4.2.1

Simultaneous Requests For Same Object

Is there an ATS setting/configuration which will queue requests while the
initial request is being serviced by the origin ?

In recent testing I find requests for the same un-cached object(ranging
from 40k-800k), all coming within milliseconds of each other, results in
multiple connections/requests back to the origin.  So in my logs I find ,
MISS, MISS, MISS, MISS, MISS, etc, then eventually a HIT. Takes about 2-5
seconds for the HIT to eventually log..

Following the 'Reducing Origin Server Requests' guidelines doesn't seem to
limit the amount of connections/requests back to origin for the same object.

My guess is that no data has yet to be returned, only a GET has been sent
to the origin. So without the partial response there is nothing to 'read
while write'.  More pcap analysis is needed I suppose.

Ideally it would seem ATS would note the initial in-flight GET, then queue
the other requests until a response is received. If no response is received
after x amount of time, then the queued requests are allowed to be
processed as expected.



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