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From "Alan M. Carroll" <>
Subject Re: generating hash from packet content
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2014 18:35:11 GMT
Well, it would definitely be possible to store an indirection object to implement Bill's idea.
The URL is used to do a lookup and the object that is returned is a forwarding header, which
then causes another lookup. Basically it's a form of remap for the cache, using the cache
itself to store the remap table data.

This is the kind of things that would be relatively easy to implement with the Cache Toolkit.
I must work on that again someday...

 >> Just to throw another idea your way. We can insert another level of indirection
between URL's and objects. Every object has a unique hash. URL's point to the hashes instead
of objects. The hashes are used to look up objects. Even if multiple URL's are duplicated
and hence their hashes, they always point to the same object. It seems a non-easy project
though. It requires major changes to ATS.
>  I’m not sure I understand this, or how it helps this problem? However, isn’t this
sort of how the cache already works? There’s a hash from URL to the “header” entry,
which then has its own hash to the actual object. Alan?

> Maybe I did not understand it correctly. Currently, ATS calculates a hash from a URL
and uses the hash to look up the actual object. That is "URL --> actual object". My idea
is to "URL --> hash of an object --> actual object". We calculate the hash of a URL
and use that to look up the hash of an actual object and then use the hash of the actual object
to look up the actual object. 

>  — leif

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