On Sun, Aug 10, 2014 at 2:41 PM, Phil Sorber <sorber@apache.org> wrote:
Hello All,

I've prepared a release for v4.2.2 (RC0) which is the latest stable release in the 4.2.x series. This is the third release in our Long Term Support (LTS) version as detailed in our Release Management document:


Changes since 4.2.1:


A summary of the new features are here:


Information about upgrading to this release from v3.2.x is available at:


The cache in this release is compatible with the previous 4.x releases.

The artifacts are available for download at:


MD5: e2249555837f4f7196d3189716b2828a
SHA1: 8c862f0402f278eb8bca1678b0db0c4fcb0dd565

This corresponds to git:

Hash: 2518b9ac51261e9c1e7dfab157d79bd259ef0072
Tag: 4.2.2-rc0

Which can be verified with the following:

git tag -v 4.2.2-rc0

My code signing key is available here:


Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures.

The vote is open until Aug 19th 2014.

Thanks All!

+1 from me as well. Fedora 20.

I'm calling this vote. It passes with 6 +1's (5 binding) and 0 -1's. I will release this officially shortly.

Thanks to everyone who participated!