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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject Release management updates
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 17:01:31 GMT
Hi all,

one of the things that was discussed on our last Summit was a few minor adjustments to the
release process. The proposal at hand is as below, please voice any concerns here before we
make this change.

— Leif

1. All LTS releases have a lifetime of 1.5 years (up from 1 year).

2. All incompatible changes should get committed on a branch named e.g. v6/TS-1234, where
v6 is the next incompatible release version, and TS-1234 is the Jira ticket associated with
this change. It’s up to the committer to keep this branch up to date, and when master opens
up for incompatible changes (e.g. after v5.3 is released for v6) merge the branch to master.

3. We will filter out Jira commit messages from all branches with a / (slash) in the name.
This avoids those excessive emails and commit messages every time someone rebases or merges
master unto one of these incompatible development branches. This was a real hassle when we
had the 5.0 branch making it difficult to actually track what changes are happening in Jira.
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