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From SunilVasanta <>
Subject Re: SSL bumping/peek/splice
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 05:50:11 GMT

Is there any commercial support/assistance available for SSL bump/peek
in ATS.

Sunil Vasanta

On 03-03-2015 01:02, James Peach wrote:
>> On Feb 27, 2015, at 12:04 PM, Alex Crow <> wrote:
>> HI,
>> Does there exist any mechanism in ATS configured as a forward proxy to allow proxying
and inspection of HTTPS/SSL traffic between corporate browsers (I say this as we have users
accept terms of usage for our systems) with a corporate CA added to their CA store and dynamically
generate certs from the corp CA key impersonating the original site?
>> FYI this is for the purpose of, very much primarliy, scanning for malicious content
and enabling caching of static objects retrieved via https:// URLs (which would be a bonus
but not essential).
>> For those that have done such a thing in Squid the Squid docs call these features
as in the subject line. Commercial proxies such as Bluecoat and Barracuda offer this too -
we've had some probs with Squid's implementation recently and are looking for an alternative
(which for obvious reasons I'd prefer to be OSS/Libre software).
> There is API support for this. IIRC you either need a patched version of OpenSSL (for
the original implementation), or the bleeding edge version for standard OpenSSL support. I'm
not aware of any complete solutions for this use case; you'd have to write a plugin to handle
figuring out which custom certificate to server.
> J


Sunil Vasanta

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