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From tomr <>
Subject vary User-Agent storing only two versions
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:43:05 GMT
We’ve got a site we’re trying to get behind a bunch of ATS instances we’re running. 
The site serves differing content, at the same URL, to mobile UAs.  As there are only two
versions I’d like to only cache twice, rather than once per UA.  Is there a possibility
to do this with ATS?  I don’t want to simply Vary for all UAs, because the point of the
exercise is offloading traffic from the origin.

If it can’t be achieved with ATS, I’m thinking of putting an httpd instance online that
could add a query string or a path in the URI, then using three regex_remap rules to get the
desired behaviour.  Maybe.  Open to suggestions!

Thanks in advance,

You can always deny what you said, but you can never deny what you wrote
  - Anon

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