Would this work?
map http://inbound.example.com:123/ http://origin.example.com:123/
map http://inbound.example.com:456/ http://origin.example.com:456/

and parent.config
dest_hostname=origin.example.com port=123 parent="originserver1.example.com:123, originserver1.example.com:123" round_robin=consistent_hash
dest_hostname=origin.example.com port=456 parent="originserver1.example.com:456, originserver1.example.com:456" round_robin=consistent_hash


On Sunday, August 23, 2015 10:16 PM, Alberto Klocker <alberto.klocker@bluereef.com.au> wrote:


Is it possible to configure what parent cache TS will use based on the port the client connected to TS on?

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