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From Eric Duesterhaus <>
Subject Troubleshooting a strange issue with missing scheme, and errored requests.
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2015 15:42:45 GMT
Hi Again Everyone!

I'm having a strange issue that I'm not quite sure how to troubleshoot.  About 2% of my requests
are failing.

Each time a request fails it increments the count in traffic_logstats under URL Schemes for
"none" or "other"
URL Schemes                            Count    Percent       Bytes    Percent
HTTP (port 80)                             7      0.01%      4.22KB      0.00%
HTTPS (port 443)                     121,831     98.05%      1.23GB    100.00%
none                                   1,102      0.89%      0.00KB      0.00%
other                                  1,316      1.06%      0.00KB      0.00%

Also in traffic_logstats, it shows something... odd:

Origin Server                               Hits         Misses         Errors
------------------------------------------------------------------------------                     0        121,854              0           0              7          1,316

I have the following rules in remap.config:
#redirect to HTTPS
#remap rules to origin server

The number of errors at the beginning of the logstats output correlates to the count of "other"
errors with missing URL schema.  I'm not sure why some requests would be using ""
as the origin server, let alone with a Scheme of "other".

I get two types of errors in when this happens:

1447283397.297 86400734 <ip address> ERROR_UNKNOWN(90)/000 0 GET
- EMPTY/- -
1447283401.484 86400288 <ip address> ERROR_UNKNOWN(90)/000 0 - / - EMPTY/- -

Requests that appear to be successful look like this in the
1447283475.486 96 <ip address> TCP_MISS/200 1178 GET
- DIRECT/ application/json

I can't help but think I've done something incredibly wrong or dumb in my remap.config.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?  I'm not quite sure what to do next for troubleshooting,
as I'm super-green to ATS.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what I should look at
next, or focus my efforts on investigating?

Eric Duesterhaus

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