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From 3ill <>
Subject Connections getting closed prematurely?
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 14:46:32 GMT
Hi Guys, 

First of, thanks for creating a great product, we're in the process of
migrating away from squid to ATS as our reverse proxy solution and we're
very happy with the results. 

I have a problem however, intermittently the clients of our application are
seeing the following exception "org.apache.http.ConnectionClosedException:
Premature end of chunk coded message body: closing chunk expected" 

It looks like ATS is prematurely closing the connection? 

I'm relatively new to ATS and we're using version 6.1.1 in reverse proxy
mode and we are placing it in front of our application which serves a large
number of requests (e.g. 600k req/second) 

Our ATS instance is configured in a cluster of 6 nodes, I'm running it with
the default settings out of the box. 

I was able to track down the specific call into ATS which is causing these
premature end of chunk exceptions on the Java side: 

See below: 
[Jul 15 15:55:50.725] Server {0x2b90c26f1700} ERROR: <
(update_stats)> [46571956] Slow Request: client_ip: [redacted] url:
[redacted] status: 200 unique id:  redirection_tries: 0 bytes: 463074 fd: 0
*client state: 6 server state: 9* ua_begin: 0.000 ua_first_read: 0.000
ua_read_header_done: 0.000 cache_open_read_begin: 0.000 cache_open_read_end:
0.003 dns_lookup_begin: -1.000 dns_lookup_end: -1.000 server_connect: 0.003
server_first_read: 0.110 server_read_header_done: 0.110 server_close: 1.181
ua_close: 1.097 sm_finish: 1.181 plugin_active: 0.000 plugin_total: 0.000 

Notice that the "client state: 6" and "server state: 9" values, what does
this mean exactly? 

I also have HA Proxy sitting infront of ATS, and below is what I have been
able to capture from the HA Proxy log: 
<134>Jul 15 15:55:50 haproxy[42474]:
[15/Jul/2016:15:55:49.417] http-cache-ats [redacted] 119/0/12/142/1529 200
463533 - - SD-- 14085/14042/525/85/0 0/0 {[redacted]|gzip,deflate}
{miss||gzip} "GET [redacted] HTTP/1.1" 

The interesting thing about the above is that HA Proxy is reporting a
termination state of "SD--" which implies that ATS closed the connection(?) 

Hopefully the above information might give some of you who are reading this
some clues as to what is going on with my problem. 

Are there any settings I can change on the ATS side to prevent this from

Many thanks!

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