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From Rob Maidment <>
Subject SSL termination for forward proxy?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2016 11:57:00 GMT

I notice TS supports SSL termination in reverse proxy mode only.

I would like to write a plug-in to achieve SSL termination (for HTTPS)
in forward proxy mode.  The plug-in would need to generate
certificates on-the-fly for sites being requested, and the clients
would need to trust these certificates (or the signing CA).

My questions are:

1.  Does the plug-in have access to the CONNECT request and the TLS
exchange that follows it?
2.  Does the plug-in have access to the encrypted data from the client?
3.  How should the plug-in create its own SSL connection with the server?
4.  Is anyone else working on this already?

Rob Maidment

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