The default traffic server install blocks DELETE method from anywhere outside of the localhost. 

You can modify it as needed for your env.



From: Jered Floyd <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2:37 PM
Subject: ERR_PROXY_DENIED on DELETE requests? (Grafana behind ATS)

Hello fellow ATS users,

I just ran into a bit of a head-scratcher that I bet someone here knows the answer to.

I recently set up a Grafana install behind ATS 6.2.0, and have found that I can't delete dashboards, un-star things, or anything else involving the DELETE verb.  When I access the origin server directly there are no problems.  When going through ATS, the operation results in a "403 Access Denied" in the error popup.

ATS logs show instances like:
1478122046.588 0 [my client IP] ERR_PROXY_DENIED/403 198 DELETE http://[my origin server]:3000/api/user/stars/dashboard/2 - DIRECT/- text/html

Why is ATS refusing to proxy these requests?

I'm going to go dig into the source right now but perhaps someone has a quicker answer?