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From "Dunkin, Nick" <>
Subject Defaulting in records.config
Date Thu, 25 May 2017 18:05:13 GMT

We’ve come across some behavior from Traffic Server (7.0.0) that we’re struggling to understand.

At certain points in time, we don’t know if it’s around crashes, or restarts, or just
randomly, we are finding extra entries in our records.config.  These entries set certain parameters
to their default values.  It’s always to the default values.  We can’t pinpoint an exact
triggering factor because at the moment we are always finding them after the act.

For example the most recent addition was the following:

CONFIG proxy.config.cache.control.filename STRING cache.config
CONFIG proxy.config.cache.ip_allow.filename STRING ip_allow.config
CONFIG proxy.config.log.config.filename STRING logging.config
CONFIG proxy.config.url_remap.filename STRING remap.config

Is this known behavior? and we are causing it some way that we’re not aware of.

As far as I know these files aren’t being altered manually, or through traffic_ctl set.



p.s. Sorry for all the newbie questions lately.  There’ll be less as we get more experience

Nick Dunkin
Principal Engineer
o:   678.258.4071
4375 River Green Pkwy # 100, Duluth, GA 30096, USA
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