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From Jeremy Payne <>
Subject Ramdisk - 6.2.1 vs 7.0.0
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2017 13:32:17 GMT
ATS versions - 6.2.1 and 7.0.0
Cache disk - 18G ramdisk - /dev/ram0
System memory - 32G
Traffic type - HLS Live

While testing live HLS traffic, I noticed that ATS 6.2.1. continued to use
ramdisk until
eventually traffic_server was restarted(via trafic_cop) as result of 'oom

Testing with ATS 7.0.0 I saw memory use remain stable once the ramdisk
reached it's
'configured' capacity.

I looked through the 7.0 changelog and didnt see anything obvious, so maybe
someone is aware of an undocumented change which impacts ATS 'honoring'
configured  ramdisk boundaries.
Understood ATS may not know the difference between /dev/sdX and /dev/ramX..
But just
putting this out to the community just in case I am missing something.


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