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From Gaurav Bansal <>
Subject issue with writing transform plugin
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 04:45:58 GMT
hi all,

We are writing a transform plugin where we get the data from server and
copying the data to the output_buffer as follows :
*TSIOBufferCopy*(output_buffer, TSVIOReaderGet(write_vio), towrite, 0);

Then after doing some checks on the data, we want to send some data (only
some data of output_buffer on which checks have been performed) in
output_buffer to the client. For this, we are using following api.
TSVIO *TSVConnWrite*(TSVConn connp, TSCont contp, TSIOBufferReader readerp,
int64_t nbytes)

We are finding one problem with the usage of above api. By using above api,
all the data in output_buffer is send back to the client while we want only
a portion of output_buffer (that portion on which the checks have been
performed so far) to be sent to client. Is there any similar api where we
can specify the offset & length of the data to be sent to client. OR is
there some other better way to handle this ? We could have taken another
buffer to store the incoming data and then after performing checks, write
only that data to the output_buffer which we want to send to the client.
But we want to avoid using a new buffer.

can anyone please help me solve the above problem ?

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