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From "Steven R. Feltner" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Traffic Server 7.1.1 (RC1)
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 17:43:09 GMT
I have compiled and tested 7.1.1 on CentOS 7, including our custom plugins.  No issues seen
in test or under load test.  I have not been able to get this onto a production box yet.

Based on the testing I have done, I +1 this release.


On 8/31/17, 6:07 PM, "Leif Hedstrom" <> wrote:

    I've prepared a release for 7.1.1 (RC1), which is a bug fix release on the previous v7.1.0.
The release notes for 7.1.1 is available at:

    or for a brief ChangeLog (attached below as well):

    This release of v7.1.1 is backwards compatible with all v7.x release, for some details
as to what’s new in v.7.1.x see

    Information about upgrading to this release from previous major versions is available

    The artifacts are available for download at:

    	MD5: a3a9f1a70cd9d11ad5a027275643cca1 *trafficserver-7.1.1-rc1.tar.bz2
    	SHA512: 9d3d9af85f58015a1221c74e3034a16fad3f9f4b1d55ff0271561a065282847c8c46f9d0152c6b534ab25647acddaf232e9df6228ae609c41ea7ffa8d0a84a6d
    This corresponds to git refs:
    	Hash: 6f6a04aae105291c774d0c4116597fdc7b345121
    	Tag: 7.1.1-rc1
    Which can be verified with the following command:
    	$ git tag -v 7.1.1-rc1
    All code signing keys are available here:

    Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures. This vote is open
until EOB September 5th.
    — Leif
    Changes with Apache Traffic Server 7.1.1
      #1766 - Can't convert Cache Result to Cache MISS by TSHttpTxnCacheLookupStatusSet
      #1953 - Unit Tests for Issue #1605 AWS Signature Version 4
      #1980 - Issue #1685: Use TS_MILESTONE_UA_BEGIN for cqt* log fields
      #2123 - ua_buffer_reader should be released in deallocate_redirect_postdata
      #2217 - Be less aggressive in calling SSL_shutdown.
      #2273 - Fixed debug build on Fedora 26 with gcc7
      #2285 - Prevent HSTS headers from including the terminating null byte.
      #2298 - Fix origin requests to default to HTTP 1.1
      #2305 - Rework SSL handshake hooks and add tls_hooks tests.
      #2315 - For 7.1.x, H2 Assertsion at Http2DependencyTree::deactivate
      #2329 - Push triggered DNSConnections into an atomic queue to prevent DNSConnection
      #2331 - cqtq,cqtn,cqtd,cqtt timestamp blog format to be INT again
      #2359 - Remove the correct entry from priority queue and insert the new node into the
      #2369 - Backport PR 2336 to 7.1.x - Add missing checks for request url
      #2370 - Backport PR 2338 to 7.1.x - Add null pointer check to server response set status
in Lua plugin
      #2393 - Change from SHA1 to SHA512
      #2396 - Fedora 26 and gcc7 support for ATS 7.1.1
      #2401 - Prefer setting AM_CPPFLAGS vs. CPPFLAGS, etc.
      #2402 - Added more fallthrough comments for Fedora 26 and gcc7 for ICP
      #2413 - Correctly Handle EVENT_NONE in UnixNetVConnection::acceptEvent
      #2414 - Out-of-bounds while get port from host field
      #2443 - AWS auth v4: fixed query param value URI-encoding
      #2452 - Ticket file reload shouldn't kill traffic_server process
      #2453 - FD leaks when ep.start() failed or cancelled in acceptEvent or con.connect()
      #2457 - Cherry pick a set of Catch based commits to 7.1
      #2458 - Coverity: CID 1380042:Resource leaks  (RESOURCE_LEAK)
      #2459 - fixing memory leak when ATS serves stale records
      #2460 - S3_auth:uri(En|De)code() pass by ref,not val(master)

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