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From "Ananth Laxminarasimhan (alaxmina)" <>
Subject Re: ATS proxy closes the connection "close" even if client sends "keep-alive"
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2017 10:59:21 GMT
I tried setting keep proxy.config.http.keep_alive_enabled_in and proxy.config.http.keep_alive_enabled_in
 to 1; but, that didn’t help.

I was looking at the following issue in ATS JIIRA site: - Browser always prompts for authentication
(NTLM) - Regression

I am using 6.2.1; I tried applying the patch, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Any suggestions?


On 03/09/17 9:28 pm, "Reindl Harald" <> wrote:

    Am 03.09.2017 um 15:28 schrieb Ananth Laxminarasimhan (alaxmina):
    > What happens is that even though the client sends a “Connection: 
    > keep-alive”, ATS seems to be returning a “Connection: close” which 
    > results in the connection getting closed
    keep-alöive is finally a descision of the server and not the client, as 
    well as how long the server waits and after how much keep-alive requests 
    it closes the connection anyways
    [root@proxy:~]$ cat records.config | grep keep
    CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_enabled_in INT 1
    CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_enabled_out INT 1
    CONFIG proxy.config.http.origin_min_keep_alive_connections INT 1
    CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_in INT 5
    CONFIG proxy.config.http.keep_alive_no_activity_timeout_out INT 1

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