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From "Ananth Laxminarasimhan (alaxmina)" <>
Subject Re: ATS proxy closes the connection "close" even if client sends "keep-alive"
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2017 06:53:32 GMT
Hi Uri,
Thanks for the response.
I tried using TSHttpTxnCloseAfterResponse() as you suggested, but, it still closes the connection.
With regards to your point 1) i.e. set the connection headers/proxy connection headers, is
there an API to set the connection to “keep-alive”?


On 07/09/17 4:54 am, "Uri Shachar" <> wrote:

    On Tuesday, September 5, 2017 11:13 AM Ananth Laxminarasimhan (alaxmina) <>
    > Hi,
    > TS-3866 seems to be still open on ATS 6.2.1; and, the suggested patch too doesn’t
seem to work.
    > Any pointers on this would be welcome.
    ATS sets the "Connection: close" header + configures the connection to close internally
whenever a plugin re-enables with an error.
    You need to hook on the SEND_RESPONSE_HDRS hookpoint and:
    1) Set the Connection / Proxy-Connection headers as desired (ie - to 'keep-alive')
    2) Tell ATS to not close the connection by calling TSHttpTxnCloseAfterResponse(txn, 0)
    You may also need to call TSHttpTxnClientKeepaliveSet(txn, 1) -- but I'm not 100% sure
this is really required in your use case.

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