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From Aaron Canary <>
Subject Re: CARP Status
Date Mon, 08 Jan 2018 20:18:22 GMT
That's correct. There is still a bit of proprietary code and ugly code that
we can't open source. It would take me a few weeks to publish an open
source CARP.

And yes we will be moving to Layer 7 Routing asap, so if I were to publish
a CARP plugin, you wouldn't see much support for it.

In theory, the current state of ParentSelection has self-detection and
could be set up select peers (aka CARP). I'm interested in testing this as
well. But we would wait for a few more optimation features before switching

On Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 7:28 PM, Alan Carroll <>

> It's complex, although Aaron should chime in here. The history is Eric
> Schwartz tried to open source the CARP plugin but the code was such a mess
> that we never pushed through on that. Aaron has done a lot of cleanup in
> the plugin so we may try open sourcing it again. However, everyone
> (including myself and Aaron) view that as a short term fix. There's a group
> working on the Layer 7 Routing project [1] which has as its goal to replace
> CARP as a plugin with support directly for that kind of thing in the core.
> Talking with Aaron, he thinks that despite the work he's already done, it
> will need another round of clean up before it's suitable for use.
> [1]

Aaron Canary
ATS - Senior Software Engineer

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