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From "Chou, Peter" <>
Subject GitHub Issue #3991 - Truncate byte range responses with RWW.
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2018 18:29:47 GMT
Hi All,

I opened an issue on GitHub #3991 a while back. Somebody just responded that they may be seeing
the same thing. Thought I would try the mailing list for some additional exposure :).

We were running 6.2.1 with RWW=1, and we found that byte range request responses were truncated.
We thought this might be related to the old Jira TS-2314 and TS-1955 so we used the same work-around
of RWW=2 (which disables RWW for byte range requests -- forwards to origin without waiting).
Of course, this is not ideal in terms of protecting the origin from thundering herd. So is
anyone else seeing this problem or have any ideas?

In our case, the full files are multiple megabytes in length, and each byte range request
is a 1MB portion of the full file. The symptom is the byte range response is truncated to
less than 1MB by some tens of KB. Our cache fragment size is the default of 1MB -- not sure
if this is just coincidence.


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