@plugin=cachekey.so @pparam=--separator=  @pparam=--static-prefix=http://replacement-fqdn.com

Is similar to what we use for a lot of our remaps and Im pretty sure that will keep the query strings, if you want them dropped you can add @pparam=--remove-all-params=true, then it will replace the fqdn with the one from the static prefix


The default is to keep all query params as long as you aren’t specifying any of the query param cachekey options


One thing to note is that separator option, which is just a blank space, without that I believe you end up with cachekeys which have elements separated by ‘/’ instead, which is fine if that’s fine with what you’re wanting


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Sounds like you might also have to set it to store dynamic-looking content. I can't remember if that's the default or not...

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We have php based applications to used for front end and back end MySQL .We have edge server to point the application server ,but it didn’t store  cache that  all requests are comes “TCP MISS” in log file . Then tried to enabled the plugin of   cache Manipulation key   (cache_key.so @@param=--include-params=true)  in remap rule . It works fine but only stored “css and js ”files only  .However static php file (vodservice.php)  or  query based file (online.php?cust_id=1637&submenu_id=120) did not stored in cache .  I not sure  this is  correct  or not  ,So how to  stored  the  php content  with and without query in cache storage?   






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