Hi all,

I’d like to propose some HTTP metrics changes. Because current HTTP metrics doesn’t have consistent naming rules.

1. Define `proxy.process.http.*` is HTTP version general metrics.
2. Introduce `proxy.process.http1.*` metrics for HTTP/1.1 specific metrics.
3. Split general metric into version specific metrics if needed.

More details are in 
- https://github.com/apache/trafficserver/issues/4415
- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zux3OPiDNJlWALluhr8ciKypg_sYVxbG9fdmeuDD-Bo/edit?usp=sharing

My proposal has incompatible changes. And it requires some actions to people who is tracking these metrics. 
Please comment on the issue or this thread if you have any opinions.

My current target of these incompatible changes are next major release (9.0.0).