We have a tool that we use to take nodes in and out of service. Basically it either creates or removes a server_enabled file. This causes our L4 load balancer to remove the ATS node from its pool.  In addition to facilitate draining in ATS header_rewrite plugin config we have this:

# close keepalive sessions if server is disabled
cond %{ACCESS:/path/to/server_enabled}    [NOT,OR]
set-header Connection "close"

Caveat is this doesn't work with HTTP/2 I'm told, but we don't do that so this works nicely for us. I can't take credit for the header_rewrite trick, I believe it came from Yahoo.


On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 7:25 AM ezko <erez.koler@harmonicinc.com> wrote:
Thanks Jermy,
this sounds like a much simpler solution. 

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