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From Leif Hedstrom <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Traffic Server 7.1.7
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2019 18:54:31 GMT
I've prepared a release for 7.1.7, which is a bug fix release on the previous v7.1.6 release.
The release notes for 7.1.7 is available at:

or for a brief ChangeLog (also attached below):

This release of v7.1.7 is backwards compatible with all v7.x release, for some details as
to what’s new in v.7.1.x see

Information about upgrading to the 7.x releases from previous major versions is available

The artifacts are available for download at:

SHA512 checksum:


This corresponds to git refs:

	Hash: 16fa86a509c3aeb9744816b1ff2ffb711bd3a2ff
	Tag: 7.1.7

Which can be verified with the following command:

	$ git tag -v 7.1.7

All code signing keys are available here:

Make sure you refresh from a key server to get all relevant signatures.


— Leif

Changes with Apache Traffic Server 7.1.7
  #4508 - Add logic to clean up vios on HttpSM shutdown
  #4859 - cookie remap plugin
  #4882 - Initialize redir_len, compiler warnings
  #4883 - Don't allow the old body to be used when refreshing
  #4884 - Fixes unmatched port when looking up HostDB
  #4896 - [Backport] Manually brought in changes from #4797
  #4951 - Use one setting for H2 consistently for header size limit on H2 connections
  #4959 - Mark H2 connection inactive only if it is NOT shutting down
  #4996 - Avoid ats_malloc in unmarshal
  #4997 - Fix TSHttpTxnEffectiveUrlStringGet to correctly set the port when it …
  #4998 - Cached object's size can be used as content length for 304 response
  #5001 - Manually merging changes from #4442
  #5013 - don't start a new self scheduling config handler on each config reload
  #5027 - Fix an failed assertion in HttpSM::parse_range_and_compare
  #5170 - Revert "Assert if operations on keep_alive_queue and active_queue are…
  #5280 - Fix build issues on modern macOS for LuaJIT
  #5359 - Revert TS-374 to avoid deadlocks
  #5485 - Don't read frames after sending GOAWAY with an error code
  #5532 - Allow number of settings per H2 session to be configurable
  #5788 - Throttling results in tight loop if there are no new connections
  #5790 - ATS 7 back port patch for SM looping issue #5642
  #5791 - This is a backport patch for ATS 7 that fixes issue #5642.
  #5798 - Fix broken template path caused by ba42078 (PR 1468) (Cherry pick 396…
  #5799 - Fix and reenable url_sig Au test.
  #5820 - HTTP/2 rate limiting

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