Woops, I need to add that we will be discussing outbound session handling and hooks too.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 10:24 AM Alan Carroll <solidwallofcode@verizonmedia.com> wrote:
Based on informal interactions, we're going to have a gathering at 10 AM on the Thursday of the summit, during the hackathon, to have an open discussion about

* . Layer 7 Routing
* . HTTP/2 outbound and the outbound transaction refactoring
* . HostDB extensions and fine grained control thereof.

All of these are related and based on the same underlying infrastructure work. Aaron, Sudheer, John, Vijay, and I as the principles have agreed to be there. The point of this email is in case any one else is interested in participating. My goal is to get a work plan together so we can make significant progress on this before the spring summit.

On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 11:28 AM Alan Carroll <solidwallofcode@verizonmedia.com> wrote:
I've been having some private chat conversations about various ATS topics which aren't suitable for a presentation. Instead I'd like to have a time set aside during the hackathon to discuss these in a larger group.

One topic is Layer 7 Routing - Sudheer is doing work in this area as well the Layer 7 Routing Working Group and I'd like to move toward a better consensus on what the long range plans and goals are. This also intersects with the Transaction Box work.

A discussion on outbound sessions, hooks, data, and overrides would be useful, although that might blend in to the Layer 7 discussion.

I would also like to be available to answer questions about Transaction Box as a separate thing.

I want to clear my goal here is to coordinate and take notes, I will not have any presentations / slides that weren't already shown at the main summit. I'd like to provide advance notice so all interested parties can attend, rather than hoping we "get lucky" in who happens to be hanging around.

If there's any interest, I'll provide some definite times. If there's some other topic you'd like to have discuss with me in a group setting, speak up!