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From ezko <>
Subject Re: collapsed forwarding still leaking to origin
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2020 10:04:52 GMT
Thanks for the feedback.

We will definitely check out 8.1.x (any schedule for official release ?)

When the leakage happens all client requests are leaked (not sure if clients
are redirected to origin or ATS is forward proxying). I should mention that
it usually happens for HLS manifest refresh (cache stale) in testing
environment using benchmark tools like apache-bench (so there are thousands
of concurrent requests for the same object).

One question we do have regarding ColFw (either as plugin , or builtin) is ,
what is the expected behavior when the origin response is being delayed for
a few seconds  ? (for example due to a momentary network congestion)
Will ColFw "give up" waiting for the origin headers ? and what will happen
then ? will requests start leaking ?


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