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From Lei Sun <>
Subject Re: [E] https issue
Date Sun, 06 Dec 2020 11:36:35 GMT
Hi Kit,

Thanks for thinking through this with me.

Here is what I'm trying to do.

http/https client => proxy1 (ats) => proxy2_group (parent proxy group of
100 servers) => origin

I would like to configure proxy1 (ats), so that it can forward all
http/https requests through proxy2_group dynamically based on intelligent
rules. For example, if node1, node2 and node3 of the proxy2_group is
overloaded, the lua script can then direct more % of traffic to the other
97 nodes within the proxy2_group.

It's very similar to the hierarchical caching
but dynamically with lua, since we'd literally be check hundreds of servers
in real time.

I'd like to figure out how to configure the ATS, so that it can do this.


On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 11:19 PM Shu Kit Chan <> wrote:

> I am still not quite sure if i understand what you are trying to do.
> But let me take a guess.
> The error "error:1400410B:SSL routines:CONNECT_CR_SRVR_HELLO:wrong
> version number" probably means that you are talking to a invalid https
> endpoint through ATS. "" is a pretty normal
> destination. So are you already using lua plugin/script to change the
> destination? That destination is probably not a valid https endpoint.
> So the CONNECT may still work and return status 200 and follow the lua
> script program to route request to new destination. That destination
> is not valid https and so curl does not like it.
> If I am right so far, then I think disable the lua plugin will make
> ATS to work just like squid. If you really want to use lua to change
> the destination, I think you need to make sure to set the scheme to
> https as well in your lua script.
> Thanks .
> Kit

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