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From Stack <>
Subject Re: Assignment of Trafodion JIRAs
Date Tue, 14 Jul 2015 01:29:40 GMT
On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 5:17 PM, Dave Birdsall <>

> Hi,
> A question has come up concerning how JIRA works. I'm hoping perhaps one of
> the mentors can advise.
> I've heard that contributors can assign JIRAs to themselves in other Apache
> projects (such as HBase). I think we would like to have the same ability in
> Trafodion.
> Looking at the set of JIRAs for Trafodion so far, most are unassigned. So I
> am guessing that except for administrators folks are not able to assign
> themselves to the JIRAs they write.
> I've done a little looking into how to make it possible. There is a
> Permissions page in JIRA that administrators can fiddle with. (Here it is,
> but perhaps you have to be an administrator to see it:
> .)
> On that page, I don't see an option for permitting folks to self-assign. I
> do see one for allowing folks to assign to each other though and we could
> solve the problem for Trafodion by simply adding all committers to that
> list. Is this a good idea? (Mentors, please comment.)
> So a question to the mentors: How do other projects work? Is it the case
> that there is no separate privilege to self-assign?
> A question to Trafodion contributors: Have any of you (besides
> contributors) been able to self-assign?
> And a more practical question: Are there any outstanding JIRAs that you'd
> like to have assigned to you? If so, just reply to me and I can assign it
> to you.
> Thanks,

(A version of what I wrote Dave offline)

...Need to make contrib friction-free as possible.

Regards how it works in HBase, we inherited a 'template' for perms -- the
hadoop 'permissions' template -- which had a bunch of this stuff setup for
us. We seem to have also taken other templates from hadoop including
workflow (as best as I remember).  To set HBase to use the Hadoop template
for JIRA, it was an INFRA ticket (But I can't find the ticket now which
does not inspire confidence). It looks like we subsequently changed the
template because ours is "hbase issue type schema". Trafodion might want to
take on the Hadoop template for schema or perms or evolve your own.  You
have 'Default Issue Type Scheme' now. Likely same for perms.

I made you an administrator on the HBase JIRA so you can poke around and
see how we are configured. See

Thanks for admining...

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