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From "Chen, Alice (SeaQuest)" <>
Subject RE: Import of LP bugs into JIRA
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2015 22:22:56 GMT
Hello Suresh,

I thought Dave and/or Steve was coordinating the cleanup of the imported bugs.  Anyways, the
LP to JIRA import process did not allow us to import the conversation history.  If you want
the conversation history you will have to copy and paste from LaunchPad.  The import process
also did not allow a Status or Resolution to be assigned to the imported issues.  You can
look at to see the CSV file used for the
import process.  This file contains the mapping for Status and Resolution for all the LaunchPad
issues.  You can use this CSV file to fix the status for the issues you own.  If you just
want to see how many unresolved issues you own you can go to
and check the "Unresolved by Assignee" section.  


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From: Suresh Subbiah [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2015 2:57 PM
Subject: Import of LP bugs into JIRA


I am going through my JIRA issues and noticed two discrepancies.

1) For an imported issue in JIRA we do not have the conversation history that is present in
LaunchPad. Please consider this example corresponds to JIRA-375
The extensive conversation history in the LaunchPad bug is not captured in JIRA. I could find
a way to cut and paste for the issues I own, but am wondering if should attempt a more systematic
approach. My apologies if this problem has already been discussed.

2) For imported issues in JIRA, LaunchPad status of FixCommitted or FixReleased maps to Status
= OPEN and Resolution = Unresolved in JIRA Previous example or
( can be used as instances of this discrepancy.

The net result is that we have far too many open issues in JIRA than in reality. I am wondering
if we should each take care of the issues assigned to us and then somehow divide the common
pool or if this can be achieved programmatically or with some kind of script?

Not being aware of how many actual issues I have assigned to me is somewhat unsettling.

Thanks for your advice
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