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From Dave Birdsall <>
Subject RE: New version of proposed web site
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2015 19:28:58 GMT
Hi Gunnar,

I don't know the answers to your questions re: DCS, REST, replacing the
current website. Sorry I'm not much help there.

Some feedback on the proposed web site:

1. I love it! You've done an enormous amount of work.

2. I hate the animation on the index.html page. Just when I'm looking
carefully at one of the pictures, it moves away and another takes its place.
I click on the arrows to bring the desired picture back. But again it moves.
I wish it would stop. (FWIW I'm using the Chrome browser.)

3. faq.html: The first section needs minor updating. HP Labs is no longer
involved (though we are grateful for their early support). Possible
wordsmith: "What is Apache Trafodion?" / "Apache Trafodion is an open source
initiative originally cultivated by HP Labs to develop..."

The section, "Is there a transaction log and can the log be shipped to a DR
site?" needs updating. I don't think we use two logs anymore. Perhaps one of
the transaction manager folks can comment. There is a commercial solution
available now for DR on Trafodion but I don't know if it is appropriate to
mention that here. Perhaps something like, "Trafodion itself does not
support shipping and replaying logs..."

But this is low-level detail that can be updated after your new web site is


-----Original Message-----
From: Gunnar Tapper []
Sent: Tuesday, December 1, 2015 12:12 AM
Subject: New version of proposed web site

Much more documentation included. *Almost* finished porting release notes.
The look-and-feel is pretty much finalized.

Next, I am trying to figure out how to generate the asciidocs and how to
copy DCS and REST documentation to the web-site's directory.

I don't yet know how we replace the current website. For now, it ought to be
enough to simply copy all these files manually?


*If you think you can you can, if you think you can't you're right.*

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