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From Gunnar Tapper <>
Subject RE: Status of the log4cxx Apache product
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2016 23:01:32 GMT
Fork the code and bring it under Trafodion? Do nothing special beyond what
Trafodion needs...

Just a thought.


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From: Roberta Marton []
Sent: Friday, January 8, 2016 12:33 PM
Subject: Status of the log4cxx Apache product

There is an e-mail thread on the revolving
around the incubator project log4cxx.

Periodically, the IPMC team looks at incubator projects and those projects
that are not getting enough activity, will be analyzed to figure out how to
get it back on track.  At this time, IPMC may ask (through e-mail)  to get
more people interested in the project so it can become a TLP (top level
product).  If this is not successful, it will be abandoned.  By abandoned,
they do something called put it in the attic.  This means the source is
still available but no more activity will be done - the product, for all
practical purposes, is dead.  Not sure if the source remains around forever
in the attic.

The project log4cxx is currently in this state and a suggestion has been
made to abandon it.  If more activity  is generated, that is getting more
contributions and committers, then it may not be abandoned.

On a different thread, the installation team has recently discovered that
the log4cxx product is no longer available in down load repositories such as
YUM and EPEL.  Without log4cxx available, people cannot build or run our
product.  A workaround is available and we are working on a way to make it
available to people.  JIRA  TRAFODION-1749 has been written to address this

That said, we need to figure out how Trafodion will handle this situation,
for example:

-          Someone could volunteer to become involved in with the product.
If enough people do this (not necessarily from Trafodion), the product may
be revived

-          We could take a copy of the code and maintain it within the
Trafodion team

Any suggestions on how we should handle this?



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