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From Dave Birdsall <>
Subject RE: Scope of Release 2.0.0
Date Mon, 08 Feb 2016 23:55:43 GMT
Hi Steve,

This sounds like a good list. I know we have a variety of bug fix and
feature JIRAs that have gone in since 1.3 or are in the process of going in,
but I gather at this stage we are not being feature-driven. Is that correct?


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Varnau []
Sent: Monday, February 8, 2016 3:42 PM
Subject: Scope of Release 2.0.0

Trafodion Developers,

I'd like to identify the key content for release 2.0.0. When that content is
in, then we can consider starting the release process.
Fortunately, in wrapping up release 1.3, Roberta gave us a good starting
point in her message [1].  So I'll summarize & build on her suggestions.

Item 1 - Someone to be release manager - uh, that would be me.

Item 3 - Next release number - that would be 2.0.0 (discussed in [2])

Item 2 - Determine release content...

a) Provide convenience binaries as well as source. I've written a Jira for
creating an appropriate license file.
   TRAFODION-1816  Create license file binary distribution

b) Build & Run on vanilla Apache releases and which versions of HBase and
other components should we support?
Seth pointed out we should include 1706, which is HBase 1.x compatibility.

And Carol raised a broader question in the users list [3].
   TRAFODION-1484  Describe a way to run Trafodion with Apache HBase,
without a distro
   TRAFODION-1706  trafodion is not compatible with hbase 1.0 and later

c) Fix licensing issues identified in 1.3 release
    TRAFODION-1725  Missing license information
    TRAFODION-1733  Incorrect information included in LICENSE file
    TRAFODION-1734  Improvements to licensing information
    TRAFODION-1735  Verify copyright information for files changed by

d) Improve the build process
   TRAFODION-1522   Consolidate HBase version requirements in Trafodion
   TRAFODION-1614   Improve performance of traf_tools_setup script
   TRAFODION-1704   T2 and T4 driver cleanup
   TRAFODION-1749   Unable to build or run Trafodion because of missing
log4cxx files
   (no jira)  Problem with parallel builds  (I'm trying to reproduce this
issue, will file a jira if I can)

Altogether, I count 11 JIRAs, some of which are already resolved.

What else should we consider on the must-have list for 2.0.0?



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