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From "Liu, Ming (Ming)" <>
Subject 答复: how to abort for a given SQL Error?
Date Sat, 27 Feb 2016 15:53:26 GMT
Thanks Anoop and Qifan,

I tested, by modifying ms.evn, it works well. 
This is a very convenient debug weapon!

Best Regards,

发件人: Anoop Sharma [] 
发送时间: 2016年2月27日 23:44
主题: RE: how to abort for a given SQL Error?

from sqlci:
  set ennvar abort_on_error '<errnum>';

Or set this envvar in shell before running your query.


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From: Liu, Ming (Ming) []
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2016 7:38 AM
Subject: how to abort for a given SQL Error?

Hi, all,

I think it is possible to configure Trafodion to abort and core dump for specific SQL Error,
for debug purpose, could anyone share with me how to do that?
For example, for a given SQL error 15001, I want compiler abort immediately so that I can
know in which code path that error is detected .


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