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From Selva Govindarajan <>
Subject RE: Trafodion master Daily Test Result - 167 - Still Failing
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2016 16:19:14 GMT
I think it looks like a class path issue for hive tests in CDH.  Need to be
analyzed in CDH vm.


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From: Sandhya Sundaresan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 7:48 AM
Subject: RE: Trafodion master Daily Test Result - 167 - Still Failing

The executor suite passed after weeks but the problematic test (TEST106) has
been commented out until the new  hang for "drop table" is fixed  just so
the rest of the tests in the suite get run. The old hang seems to be fixed

Steve, looks like the Hive metadata is corrupt or not setup properly on the
VMs where the core and hive suites are run.

Arvind, I suppose you're following up on the phoenix failures ?


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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 4:02 AM
Subject: Trafodion master Daily Test Result - 167 - Still Failing

Daily Automated Testing master

Jenkins Job:
Archived Logs:
Bld Downloads:

Changes since previous daily build:
[Steve Varnau] [TRAFODION-1816] License info for binary distribution of REST

[selvaganesang] [TRAFODION-1918] Remove auto flush concept in Trafodion

[selvaganesang] [TRAFODION-1918] Remove disabling auto flush concept in

Test Job Results:

FAILURE core-regress-core-cdh (1 hr 34 min) FAILURE core-regress-hive-cdh
(22 min) FAILURE core-regress-privs1-cdh (41 min) FAILURE
phoenix_part1_T2-cdh (11 min) FAILURE phoenix_part1_T2-hdp (39 min) FAILURE
phoenix_part2_T2-cdh (11 min) FAILURE phoenix_part2_T2-hdp (38 min) SUCCESS
build-master-debug (25 min) SUCCESS build-master-release (26 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-charsets-cdh (27 min) SUCCESS core-regress-charsets-hdp (1 hr
29 min) SUCCESS core-regress-compGeneral-cdh (1 hr 25 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-compGeneral-hdp (47 min) SUCCESS core-regress-core-hdp (1 hr 1
min) SUCCESS core-regress-executor-cdh (49 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-executor-hdp (1 hr 3 min) SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-cdh
(1 hr 2 min) SUCCESS core-regress-fullstack2-hdp (14 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-hive-hdp (41 min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs1-hdp (1 hr 1 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-cdh (35 min) SUCCESS core-regress-privs2-hdp (43
min) SUCCESS core-regress-qat-cdh (14 min) SUCCESS core-regress-qat-hdp (1
hr 13 min) SUCCESS core-regress-seabase-cdh (1 hr 45 min) SUCCESS
core-regress-seabase-hdp (2 hr 7 min) SUCCESS core-regress-udr-cdh (18 min)
SUCCESS core-regress-udr-hdp (40 min) SUCCESS jdbc_test-cdh (50 min) SUCCESS
jdbc_test-hdp (57 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part1_T4-cdh (42 min) SUCCESS
phoenix_part1_T4-hdp (1 hr 26 min) SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-cdh (44 min)
SUCCESS phoenix_part2_T4-hdp (1 hr 4 min) SUCCESS pyodbc_test-cdh (10 min)
SUCCESS pyodbc_test-hdp (38 min)

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