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From Dave Birdsall <>
Subject Upcoming metadata change for Trafodion 2.1 merged this morning
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2016 16:22:18 GMT

FYI: The pull request containing metadata and repository upgrades was
merged into Trafodion 2.1 this morning.

Once you pick up this change, it will affect you in one of two ways:

1.       If you are creating a new instance, you’ll get the new repository
and metadata definitions when you do Initialize Trafodion.

2.       If you incorporate this change into an existing instance, after
you build you will find that SQL operations in sqlci and trafci fail with
error 1395. You’ll need to do “Initialize trafodion, upgrade” to upgrade
your metadata. After doing that, you’ll need to exit your sqlci/trafci
session and start a new one.


*From:* Dave Birdsall []
*Sent:* Thursday, July 14, 2016 8:24 AM
*To:* '' <>
*Subject:* FW: Upcoming metadata change for Trafodion 2.1

Hi Trafodion developers,

Once again, I’d like to direct your attention to this pull request:

When testing upgrade with authentication and authorization turned on, I
discovered that the repository upgrade was not working correctly, and also
that subsystem upgrade in general needed refactoring. That is, a subsystem
cannot drop its old data until all subsystems have been upgraded, and a
subsystem must have a separate undo method in case an error somewhere else
occurs. I have documented the architectural principles and overall design
in sqlcomp/CmpSeabaseDDLupgrade.h.

So, that refactoring has been done now, and accounts for a large part of
the changes.

Once again, I will be interested to hear your experiences from upgrade,
should you install this change on an existing development instance.

Your review comments would also be greatly appreciated.



*From:* Dave Birdsall [
*Sent:* Wednesday, June 29, 2016 9:33 AM
*To:* '' <>
*Subject:* Upcoming metadata change for Trafodion 2.1

Hello Trafodion developers,

I’d like to direct your attention to the following pull request:

This pull request includes all planned changes to the Trafodion metadata
for release 2.1. The request includes a description of what changes are
being made and what they mean to you as a developer when this change is
applied to your Trafodion instances.

I’m particularly interested in your experiences with metadata upgrade. If
you have time for it, it would be useful to perform a backup of your
instance before including this patch, then attempting an “initialize
trafodion, upgrade” when the patch is included in your build. If there are
hiccups or bugs uncovered by this, it would be helpful if you could contact
me to help in debugging.

Thanks and kind regards,


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