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From "Liu, Ming (Ming)" <>
Subject [DISCUSS] what to do if we are using PostgreSQL code in Trafodion
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2016 01:14:45 GMT
Hi, all,

Some new functions we want to add into Trafodion will depend on code that originally come
from PostgreSQL. So we would like to know what to be aware if we want to add/port source code
from other open source project like PostgreSQL.
>From some discussion with Steve, Hans, Roberta and Gunnar, I get some very good guidance.
I sum it here, and if people have more input, it will help a lot.

It is allowed by Apache license to add PostgreSQL code into Apache project:

Here are some advices to add code from other open source project into Trafodion (Thanks Steve
and Roberta to write this up) :

1)      When you copy code, you must retain the original copyright or license statements from
that code.

a.       If there were no original license headers in the code, then it might be a good idea
to put in a comment at very top stating where/when it was copied from, but there is no standard
for that as far as I know.

2)      You should only add the Apache license header (below the original) if substantial
changes are made from the original.

3)      You should run RAT tool (instructions are on wiki) to see what it reports on the files
with postgres headers. If the files end up with both headers, RAT should not report any problem.

a.       You should only add the files to the .rat_exclude file if RAT reports them as a problem.

b.       If so, then you should also add explanation of the file licenses in RAT_README.

4)      There should also be a statement in the main LICENSE file(s) indicating that some
of the code is under the postgres license. It should indicate which files it applies to and
have a copy of that license statement. If this code is going into SQL code, it should be added
to the licenses/lic-server-src file, so when we construct the final LICENSE files, it goes
into the right places.

5)      as part of releasing the product, a scan of copyright notices should be performed
to make sure all have been addressed in the license file.

6)      RAT reports are run during builds so if there are issues, the build will fail.

This may still not be the full checklist, so please share your ideas here in this discussion
if you have suggestions/concerns/objections, etc.. We wish to benefit from the open source
code instead of reinventing the wheel when it is allowed.


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